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Sponsor a Horse!

Doug and Minis.jpg

We are incredibly grateful to the Kliman Family for their Platinum Equine Sponsorship of our beloved minis, Tony and Spark, and YOU can join them! 

Please contact Erika Berg at or call 701-231-9611 for details on how to become an Equine Sponsor. We THANK YOU!

  • Platinum Equine Sponsorship - gifts of $8,000 and above

  • Gold Equine Sponsorship - gifts of $5,000 to $7,999

  • Silver Equine Sponsorship - gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

  • Bronze Equine Sponsorship - gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Bison Strides is excited to announce Equine Sponsorship opportunities! The work we do simply would not be possible without our incredible Bison Strides horses. Annual herd maintenance now costs between $2,700 (minis) and $8,000 (seniors/hard keepers) per horse. Equine Sponsorships make it possible for us to deliver top-notch care for our horses so they can continue to provide life-changing interventions for the people we serve. 

2024 Bison Strides Horses


Blondie is a 27-year-old Belgian Quarter Horse cross mare owned by Bison Strides. Blondie's favorite thing is being the boss mare!


Dusty is a 6-year-old palomino Quarter Horse gelding owned by Keith Johnson of Sharon, ND.

Cutter side.jpg

Cutter is a 13-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding owned by Keith Johnson of Sharon, ND. Cutter's favorite activity is jousting!

Pepper 2.jpg

Pepper is a 17-year-old dark brown Hanoverian mare owned by the Berg family of Kindred, ND. Pepper's favorite thing to do is roll in the dirt!




Photo coming soon!

Bronco 1.jpg

Ava is an 8-year-old Norwegian Fjord mare owned by Calie Lindseth and Caddie Craddock of Brassy Bit Tack in Glyndon, MN

Spark and Tony are 6-year-old miniature horses owned by Bison Strides and they are working on their Pet Partners certification! 

Sponsored by 

The Kliman Family

Buttons and Zipper are 7-year-old miniature horses owned by the Berg family and they are working on their Pet Partners certification! 

Sponsored by 

The Kliman Family

Bronco In Memoriam

Apr 19, 1993 to Feb 15, 2024

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the countless opportunities we were given to witness the gifts he gave to so many people. He will be dearly missed.

Equine Criteria for Bison Strides Programming


Our program horses are the foundation of Bison Strides. Without them, we would be unable to provide services of exceptional quality and so we ensure they receive excellent care. Bison Strides purchases program horses, as well as accepts donated horses who meet the program requirements as outlined below and pass screening and trial period evaluations. If you know of a horse who may fit the criteria or you are interest in donating an equine to our program, please complete the Prospective Horse Donation form and e-mail it to You may also call Erika Berg at 701-231-9611.


To be considered for program service, an equine should be:

  • Between the ages of 4 and 20 years

  • No less than 13 hands high (52 inches) and no more than 16.2 hands high (66 inches). Please note that exceptions will be made for specific reasons, such as minis who serve in equine assisted learning programs.

  • Sound with no physical limitations.

  • Forgiving of inexperienced and/or unbalanced riders.

  • Obedient to both voice and leg signals.

  • Quiet and well-mannered on the ground.

  • Able to walk, jog/trot and lope/canter if above 14 hands.

  • Able to walk and jog/trot if below 14 hands.

  • Experienced under saddle with a minimum of one year being ridden.

  • Meet current and/or projected needs of the program, as identified by the Bison Strides Program Director or his/her designee.

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